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Jaden was born in New West Minster BC in 1972 and moved to Kamloops BC just shortly after. Through his early years, music, film and acting were his passions but story telling was always there lurking in the form of poetry and song writing. This led to bouncing between the decisions to become a rock star or actor and he tried his hand at both. It wasn’t until he finished high school that he realized one needed a job to pay bills.

Moving around the West Coast of Canada for the last twenty years, Jaden always had a journal with him. There were many stage plays and stories that made it to paper but few were selected to hit an independent theatrical stage. It wasn’t until Jaden was approached with a concept for a stage play from an independent recording artist that he started to take his writing seriously. He jumped at the opportunity to pen his interpretation of the artist’s lyrics and within no time realized that it was what he was meant to do.

Upon the completion of “The Ballad of Elvis Christ,” a depiction of the pressures of the rise and fall of a musical icon, a story that burned in the back of Jaden’s mind for 20 years, begged to be shared with the world. Through Jaden’s words, the world of “The Producer” came to life.

Jaden has found that his passion for writing has hit a new level as the barrier that once held him from stepping into the world of “Author” no longer exists. A husband and father of two, he still lives in Canada and has great expectations of a bright future.


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